How long is the Next Destination Survey?

That depends on your major and program of study! Most students recieve 5-10 questions that take under 2 minutes to complete. Some programs have a more extensive set of questions for their students to answer.

Is this survey unique to UNC Charlotte?

No. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) keeps data for all participating instutitions. More information is available at http://www.naceweb.org/job-market/graduate-outcomes/first-destination/.

Why should students complete the survey?

The survey is used to tell the story of a UNC Charlotte education, which is a factor in the reputation of the University and ultimately contributes to the value of a UNC Charlotte degree.

Is the survey completely anonymous?

No. Identifying information is stored along with the responses for the purpose of matching demographic data, so that we can accurately report on the outcomes of various student groups and also to see areas where we may need to improve as an institution. Access to match the records to individuals is restricted to 2 individuals inside the University Career Center. All data reported externally is shared as aggregate numbers, either as counts or averages. Individual student responses are provided to academic departments and colleges upon request, but identifying information is not provided.

What is knowledge rate? What is the survey rate?

Knowledge Rate: the percentage of graduating students for whom there is data about post-graduation activities. This includes data that is recieved through the First Destination Survey process as well as data collected from employment data fill-in services. This also includes information recieved from college or departmental surveys.

Survey Rate: the percentage of graduating students who completed the First Destination Survey instrument.